Forensic Accounting

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Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

If there is friction between partners/shareholders, a forensic accountant is often necessary to sort out the details of their business.  U.S. Valuations is frequently called on to provide an independent analysis of the business or ownership interest.  We document what the accounting records support and resolve who contributed what, how the money generated by the business venture was accounted for, and what, if anything, was inconsistent with each partner’s rendition that caused friction between or among the partners or shareholders.

How do we go about?

  • We analyze the financial statements and company’s tax returns.
  • We review the general ledger for personal and other discretionary expenses.
  • We look at bank, credit card statements, checking sheets, transcripts of W-2s of the employees, detailed fixed asset register and depreciation schedules.
  • We provide a valuation of the business or the minority interest.