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Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business can be a frustrating experience. Without a solid knowledge of business sales, it can take years to even connect the interested parties in a transaction. Buyers can get lost in the maze of purchasing options, time-sensitive evaluations, and legal issues. Sellers can become anxious and under-price their own properties.

Over the years U.S. Valuations has built a large network with many business brokers and business owners.  U.S. Valuations is affiliated with many experienced and successful business brokerage firms in New York and together we have the necesary resources to assist our clients that are looking for an exit strategy.  With U.S. Valuations, buyers and sellers receive personal and professional attention that can help to remove the clouds of uncertainty and anxiety by walking each prospective interest through the entire buying or selling process to arrive at the desired end- the purchase or sale of a business.

What do we do for our clients?

Our key services include:

  • Business valuations, financial and operational analysis.
  • Comprehensive marketing of the business via print, internet and direct mail programs.
  • Creation of customized marketing materials which includes a detailed offering memorandum booklet.
  • Screening of acquisition candidates to assure that they have the practical skills and financial capacity to successfully consummate the acquisition.
  • The development of a complete due diligence support package.
  • On going negotiation of the pricing and terms of the deal on behalf of the seller.
  • Assistance in securing financing and coordination of the closing of the transaction with both the buyers and sellers, attorneys, CPA’s, financial planners, lenders and landlords.

Do I really need a broker?

It may seem easy to just find a buyer yourself, but reality often proves otherwise. Having a broker do all the supportive work for you and represent you will yield you a number of advantages:

1) The broker will be the one to negotiate the sale of your business. This will allow you to retain your bargaining power and play your cards right. If you have to be the one checking up on the buyer’s interest, then you will be the one lowering your sale price! Let us be the ones to maximize the potential worth of your business.

2) Although you may be dedicated to selling your business, you can only contact just so many people on your own. Even if you contact multiple business brokers, you will only be reaching their limited number of contacts. However, signing up with us entitles you to be listed on our confidential Business Broker Multi-Listing Service. Hundreds of brokers will be notified of your deal. The interest in your sale will increase exponentially as thousands of potential buyers become aware of your sale opportunity. You stand to gain a lot more as the competition for your business increases. Having a broker represent you clearly enables you to find the most qualified buyer for your business.

3) There are potential merger candidates out there for your business. Our private equity contacts may be interested in a business like yours. They are frequently strategic buyers as opposed to financial buyers. This means they can generate synergies and are therefore willing to pay a substantial premium over fair market value due to the economies of scale. You will be hard pressed to find those contacts on your own.

4) You have expertise in running your business, not selling it. Let the experts in sales sell your business while you keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. If you get too involved in working with various buyers, your profits may lesson while you are distracted. Obviously, you want your profits to stay high when you are marketing your business, to keep its value up. Let us sell your business while you keep it running strong and healthy.

5) In the end, it is all about the sale. You need the transaction to happen to your advantage, and we are the ones with a proven track record to make it happen. Having completed many successful transactions, we know how to get the job done so that you end up with a great deal.