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Business Appraisal Reports

U.S. Valuations provides high quality business appraisal services nationwide at a reasonable cost.

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We offer three different business appraisal reports (3-Star through 5-Star). To see sample reports, please click “Sample” below.

Calculation   ***

3-Star Report

Internal Use

The Value Calculation is a limited scope valuation of the business and provides an approximate indication of value of the business.

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Appraisal    ****

4-Star Report

Buy-outs, SBA loan

The Limited Certified Appraisal is in conformity with USPAP and provides a more accurate value of the business.

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Appraisal   *****

5-Star Report

Tax, Divorce, Litigation

This is a Complete Certified Appraisal that is in conformity with USPAP and provides an accurate value of the business.

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Business Valuation Process

Business valuation can be explained in a step by step process as follows:

  1. Gathering information by phone or email:  We want to know the nature of your business, the size of the company, and the reason for the valuation.
  2. Determining Price Quote:  Depending on the complexities involved, we will prepare a quote for the valuation report needed.
  3. Drafting an Engagement Agreement:  We ask that you fill out a checklist clarifying basic facts about the client and company. Based on this information, we are able to email you an engagement agreement. The valuation process begins once we receive the engagement agreement and the retainer fee.
  4. Gathering Data:  We ask that you provide 3 to 5 years of the company’s tax returns and/or financial statements (projections for start-ups) as well as a customized questionnaire about your company.
  5. Proceeding with the Valuation Analysis:   Using the financial statements and the answers from the questionnaire, we analyze the data and make the necessary normalization adjustments. Depending on the scope of the analysis, we apply all relevant valuation methods (i.e. asset, income, and market approaches).
  6. Issuing the Valuation Report:  Upon reviewing the draft valuation report in PDF format, the client may choose to discuss the results by phone. The client then provides the balance and we finalize the report, providing it in bound copies if requested.

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